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We are an online community- WELCOME, we are so happy you are here! Thank you for all you do for your loved one.

This group was created by Melissa Chambers Consulting so that caregivers have a safe space to come and feel supported anytime, day or night. It is an online platform, similar to social media, except it is located right here on the website, without any other interruptions, on your own terms and at your own time.

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The MCC Caregiver Community is for caregivers or loved ones of someone living with dementia only-you will be able to post questions, comments, have open discussions, or sometime you may just need to vent. 


The MCC Caregiver Community will provide ongoing education, support, social bonding and a place to build relationships with others who are in similar situations-a sense of community. It will help us fulfill our need to share an emotional connection and understand first hand that we are not alone in this journey. We are here to help, encourage and learn from one another so we can feel some extra support.

*This community is for dementia caregiver's only-if you are not a dementia caregiver, this group is not for you

*This community is for members only and is $3.99 a month to join

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