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Senior Living Advisor

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Melissa helps people/families who are looking to make the move into Independent Living, Assisted Living/Personal Care or Memory Care, find the right options and fit for their needs, budget and location.


This experience can be very overwhelming, she understands this and is there to help guide families through the whole process.


This is FREE of charge to the family.

How does this work?


She provides her services as a Senior Living Advisor with

Senior Living Connections


Contact her first and she will explain the process to you so you don't have to go through this experience on your own.

Caregiver Companion

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Melissa's passion is helping families through this difficult journey with their loved ones. A dementia diagnosis can be life changing for the person diagnosed as well as the caregivers.

There isn’t much support after getting the diagnosis from the doctor.

Where do you turn?

What do you do?

How do you even know what you don’t know?

Partner with Melissa to gain valuable education for the family/caregiver and strengthen their understanding about the disease. She can also help identify problems and possible solutions when 'family dynamics' are involved. 

 "Caregiver Companion” services are specific to each situation and customized for each family on an individual basis.


Having Melissa as your “Caregiver Companion” is like having your very own personal support system. She acts as an advocate and will help you determine what you don’t know in order to educate and support you throughout this entire journey of caring for someone living with dementia.

For more information or to request a FREE 30-minute consult

Thank you for your request, we will contact you soon.

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