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Healthy Heart, Happy Brain

Updated: May 4, 2022

With February being American Heart Month, we are talking a lot about the heart and brain connection. When we talk about healthy aging, we need to be physically active as well as cognitively active. So what exactly is cognitive activity? It is keeping our brains active. Cognitive activity encourages blood flow to the brain. When we keep our mind active, it forms new connections among our brain cells. Mentally stimulating activities may help improve cognition. When we say mentally stimulating, we mean something different than what we do on a normal basis. If you are a person who always does crossword puzzles, try a sudoku puzzle in addition to your crossword. More examples could be reading books or magazines, working on puzzles, playing games or cards, etc. Engaging in formal education will keep our brain healthy and possibly reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Let’s make sure we are being cognitively active so we can maintain a healthy brain. ♥️

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