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non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication and how our loved ones with dementia can see, hear and feel our emotions by the way we carry ourselves is almost more important than what we actually say. Facial expressions, body language, eye contact, how we are listening and posture are all examples of this as well as our tone of voice. How do you feel when you are talking to someone and you can tell they are for sure not listening to you or they can’t look you in the eye? Our loved ones can read these things as well as how we are feeling and so we always want to be cognizant of that {you can see by my facial expression I was clearly being very silly-someone living with dementia can also see this😂}. This carries over in our day to day lives with anyone we come in contact with, not just someone living with dementia. We can all have bad days and that’s ok. Be forgiving of yourself and be kind...(to yourself also). ♥️

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