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Reflection & Preparation

This week always seems to be a week of reflection and preparation, leaving us to think about what we really messed up this year and what we need to do to fix things for the coming year. As if magically on January 1st or 3rd or whichever day we choose, we will be perfect.

When we are caring for people living with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, we especially feel like we mess up continually because we don’t always know the best way to do things.

Reflection is good. Sure, we could have all probably done things a little better here or there but we don’t always have the luxury of picking the date or waiting for the new year. So IF we are blessed enough to have a second chance then we need to take it!

Let’s prepare by arming ourselves with education to get a better understanding of the disease so we can guide the journey on a more positive route. Let’s prepare by opening our minds to ideas, help and support. Let’s give ourselves a ton of grace because 🚨news flash- none of us are perfect and we never will be regardless of the date.

Looking forward to waking into the new year and everyday with all of you together♥️

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